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Wed. Dec 13th 2017
Working House Fire with Entrapment

At approximately 0900hrs on Wednesday December 13, 2017 box 10-01 was alerted for a house fire with subjects reported trapped...

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Mon. Oct 2nd 2017
Tractor Trailer Hauling 800+ Turkeys Overturns on Route 15

At 0234hrs on October 2nd 2017, Rescue Squad 10, Engine 102, Ambulance 308 (Thurmont Community Ambulance Service), and Medic ...

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Sun. Sep 10th 2017
Fatal Accident with 5 flyouts on Route 77

At 0055hrs on September 10, 2017, Rescue squad 10, Engine 102, Ambulance 308 (Thurmont Community Ambulance Service), Medic 30...

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News Headlines
Rescue Squad 10
2006 Pierce
Seven Person Cab
Paratech Stabilization Equipment
Amkus hydraulic rescue tools (Cutters, Spreaders, Rams, Ram extensions)
Multiple hand tools, power tools and ventilation fans including Positive Pressure Ventilation fans (PPV fan)
High pressure breathing air cascade system
Multiple other tools for rescue and salvage at a fire or rescue scene
Engine 101
1994 Freightliner / Pierce
Five Person Cab
4 Wheel Drive
500 Gallons tank
1,250 GPM pump
Deck Gun
Amkus Hydraulic Extrication Equipment
Engine 102
1992 Pierce Lance
1,000 gallon tank
1,250 GPM pump
Six person cab
5" LDH
3" supply line
1 3/4" attack lines
Deck gun
Thermal Imager
Hahn / Saulsbury Squad - Squad 10
1988 Hahn
Squad 10 - 1988 Hahn / Salusbury 20 foot walk-in box; 20 Kw hydraulic PTO generator; four 6,000 PSI bottle breathing air cascade system; extensive Amkus hydraulic rescue tool equipment (multiple power plants, spreaders, cutters, rams, and ram extensions); full complement of hand tools, power tools, ventilation fans (including Positive Pressure Ventilation fan), and miscellaneous items and supplies for rescue and salvage and overhaul on the fire ground; 20,000 pound front mount winch
Engine/Tanker 104
1984 Pierce
Total Rehab of ET104 by Pierce in 1999
Six Person Cab
1,500 gallon tank
1,000 GPM pump
Deck Gun
Ford Hahn Pumper
1977 Ford / Hahn
Former Engine 103 - Ford / Hahn

1977 Ford "C" Series Chassis, 750 GPM Pump, 500 Gallons of water
Rescue Squad
1972 Ford
Former Squad 10
1972 Ford "C" Series Chassis, 16' walk-in rescue body by Swab
Chevrolet Tanker
1969 Chevrolet
Former Tanker 10

1969 Chevrolet Chassis
Brush 105
1968 Dodge Power Wagon
Designated Brush unit
125 gallon tank
PTO pump
Includes: Foresty line, hose reel, brush rakes, leaf blowers, chain saws, bladder bags
Front mounted winch
Ford Hahn Pumper
1967 Hahn
Former Engine 101 - Ford / Hahn

1967 Ford "C" Series Chassis, 750 GPM Pump, 500 Gallons of water
Ford Oren Pumper
1954 Ford
Diamond T Pumper
1945 Diamond
A 1945 Diamond T Pumper was purchased for $6,500.00
Chain-driven Mack pumper
1927 Mack
One of the first pieces of motorized fire apparatus purchased by the Guardian Hose Company was a 1927 Mack. This particular pumper was chain-driven. This piece is now in the Fire Museum of Maryland in Lutherville.
Hudson Sedan
1925 Hudson
Purchased from William Stoner, this 1925 Hudson sedan was converted into a fire truck by members of the Guardian Hose Company.
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