Wednesday, June 29th, 2022
On Wednesday June 29, 2022 at 0725 hours box alarm 10-18 was sounded for the report of the commercial building fire on the property at Camp Airy just off of Route 550 North of Thurmont. First arriving...
On Sunday October 4. 2020 at 0802 hours Box Alarm 10-01 was sounded for the reported house fire in the first block of Meadow Ln on the East side of Thurmont. At 0804 Thurmont Police arrived on scene a...
On Monday March 2, 2020 at approximately 1515 hours box alarm 10-08 was struck for reported smoke coming from a house in the 13200 blk Catoctin Furnace Rd. A citizen driving by noticed the smoke and d...
At 0942hrs on Friday March 22, 2019 Rescue Box 6-20 was sounded for a Bus Accident on Route 15 at Creamery Rd. Rescue Squad 10 responded mutual aide as the second squad on the assignment. A69 (Emmits...

Membership in the Guardian Hose Company is open to anyone ages 14 and over who work, or live in Frederick County. We have four different membership categories, they are as follows


  • Active Administration: A member who participates in the non-emergency side of the organization. Examples may include: Assisting fundraisers, holding a administrative office position, or assisting in the administration of the company.


  • Active Emergency Operations: A member who participates in the Emergency side of the organization. Examples may include: Participating in fundraisers, participating in training classes, running emergency calls, assisting in administration duties, and holding an office. Members who wish to participate in this type of membership must complete and pass a physical fit test conducted by the county. There is no cost to the member for this test. Members in this category must have training in order to ride on emergency apparatus during an emergency call.


  • Social: A member who does not participate in the Administration, or Operations side of the department. Examples may include: Attending meetings, participating in fundraisers, and attending social gatherings.


  • Junior Membership: A member who is at least 14 years of age or in the 8th grade but not older then 18 years of age. A junior member does not ride emergency calls. Examples include: participating in company training, participating in fundraisers, attending social gatherings, attending company meetings, participating in state training at the age of 16. A junior member who wishes to become a regular member at the age of 18 may do so by submitting another application.


All members are subject to review by the membership committee and all new members will undergo a background check.

Those who are applying for the company who are coming from other fire departments are encouraged to join our membership. Please submit copies of your training forms and a letter of recommendation on company letterhead from your former Fire Chief or President.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a member of the Guardian Hose Company, please contact any member or stop by the fire house.

The application form and background check forms are located under the files tab to the left of the screen. Please print both forms and complete and return them to the Guardian Hose Company. Applications without the background check will be rejected and no longer considered for membership.

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